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cometec, continous research and development in vacuum field

cometec is born from the experience of COMETEC team, which has been producing vacuum packing machines for the food department for 28 years.

In reality, it is made out of a team of designer engineers who dedicated all their skills to solving any vacuum packing, manufacturing or processing problem from the most disparate industrial technical sectors, like for instance the vehicle, chemical, medical, electronic, photovoltaic, construction sectors etc.

Today, we are the sole structure in the vacuum field capable of designing and making machines and equipments exclusively and especially for the Client, which solves the problems related to oxidation, thermal insulation, conservation for a long period of time, volume reduction, degassing of resins and chemical products, to the connection of glass or the treatment of covers and many other; wherever there’s a problem which can be solved through vacuum, we design and manufacture the equipment or machine “ad hoc”.

Contact us in order to bring to our attention your manufacturing, packing or processing problem; our office will commit to solve it with all the passion and determination which defines us.

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