History and Know How
A long experience in vacuum field

The history of cometec company is closely related to the professional development of its founder, Riccardo Valli, who has formed during the activity developed in the first and already consolidated COMETEC company, which has supplied the whole sector with an innovative impulse in the technological evolution of vacuum packing, since 1985.

During all these years, Mr. Valli realised that there are countless problems which can be solved with the help of vacuum; in fact, there are demands for special machines from different industrial technical sectors.

From here came the idea of letting COMETEC manufacture standard machines, dedicated to food packing and also, to offer all the passion and technological knowledge gained in order to dedicate the complete study and the solving of unique problems related to sectors from the chemical, medical, electronic, automobile, construction industry etc. who, until that moment, had been ignored by the research and development departments of packing Italian companies.

Among the diverse “ad hoc” projects made, cometec prides itself today with the achievement of the biggest laminating vacuum machine made until present, manufactured for one if the most important brands of German automobile, and also with special machines of degassing and vacuum drying ovens, studied and built for known companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

Also, due to continuous research and valorous collaboration with one of the most important Italian universities, cometec is on its way to making equipments for the operation rooms and for treating and moving biologic samples.

Thus, the team’s know how is improving every day, in order to be capable of solving our Clients’ problems, with a great passion and determination.

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